Lucy - TM Custom Portraits

Lucy - TM Custom Portraits

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday, Feb. 8th

Another day of big miracles..........the day started early and with another heart episode unfortunately. I seemed to be more upset about them than any of the Dr.'s or nurses though. She has had 3 tachycardia in less than 30 hrs. each time it happened I felt the adrenaline rush and then plummet of energy as when you nearly get into a car wreck. I spent the night there last night, which Grant has mostly done. In the NICU there are bells and buzzers going off all night and I was so afraid of this heart thing that every time one would go off in the area where Lucy's bed was I would jump off the bed and run over to her bed and make sure she was ok. I think Valerie, the night nurse thinks I am a basket case.

At 8 AM I found out that she was going to get into the MRI this morning and had to be there by 8:30. This was a very nerve racking experience. They had to detached every tube from her at their entry point and replace the tubing with MRI approved materials. Then they unhooked her from the vent and bagged for her vent all the way across the hospital, into the elevator and down into the basement. They had to put her under and once again detach her vent, carry her into the MRI room, put her on the machine and reattach. They had a student in training doing the bagging all the way from the NICU to the door of the room. I have been watching and listening to her vent for the last 5 days and I could tell she was doing to much and I was so tired and worried and I was really not into a student practicing on my critically ill baby. We made it through that process and back into the NICU. Dr. Baker came in a short time later with the extubate team. This was another scary thing. I asked him if he was sure about that and he explained all the different number and how they show that she can now breath on her own. It went perfect. They placed a little blow by for a few minutes to make sure her oxygen stayed up. Several minutes later after her vocal chords had a chance to come back together we heard a few little squeaky cries.

She had her first nutrition through her stomach as well today. They started with 10 mls of colostrum with a tiny tube that fits in the mouth and down into the stomach. They checked a few hours later and there was just a tiny bit left in her stomach which was a great sign meaning she is processing the milk and was happy. Then.........I GOT TO HOLD LUCY FOR THE FIRST TIME. We took a nap together. She had no problem handling a pacifier and the gag reflex which was in question a couple of days ago seems to be working normally.

After we woke up Dr. Baker came by with the MRI results and instead of finding the moderate to severe damage that they were expecting because of her early blood gas numbers and the time of oxygen deprivation they found very small areas of mild damage only in the cortex or outer portions of the brain which are associated with motor skills. They found nothing in the deep centers of the brain. These spots were so mild that the radiologist and Dr. Baker said that we may or may not even notice challenges that she has from this. She will be seen by and developmental neurologist for the first 18 month at certain ages to check for her developmental mile stones. This news was the biggest relief, a huge heaviness that Grant and I had both been feeling was lifted. As we have been watching her look better and better on the outside there has been this looming prospect that would create a future of unknowns and more scary possibilities.

She also received and echocardiogram today but we did not have the consult or the report back from the cardiologist yet. It looks like she will need to have a medicine for the arythmia that she can go home with.

As the day went on she was holding the milk so well that they moved her to a bottle and she downed a 10ml bottle and has had another and at midnight she will get a 20 ml bottle. She has been sedated all afternoon and evening only this time it is milk instead of morphine!!! yea!!

We also got to start dressing her today. She can have a hat, socks and a shirt that snaps or opens in the front. Daddy is spending the night at the hospital there and took the clothing articles and is helping her with her new look. He will add new pictures tomorrow.

I know that this recovery has been a miracle, her having the strength to stay alive and fight and then go through everything she has gone through in her first 5 days of life is a miracle and that 1000's have been praying for Lucy. There are people of faith that do not know us at all that have been praying for Lucy. Things are looking very up for our little Lucy. She will have several Dr.'s at least for the first 18 months. I am so thankful for all the gifts of thoughts and prayers.

Lucy will have another EEG tomorrow. The other one they did was while she was being cooled so they expect to see higher activity now that she is waking up. It looks like she will not have to stay the minimum 3 weeks like the Dr.'s thought when she first arrived.


  1. I could not be more happy for this wonderful news!!! We are so excited for you guys and we thank God that she is doing as well as she is considering. All the love and prayers once again.

  2. What amazing news! She is a little fighter! Let me know if you want me to come and take more photos of her while she's still in the hospital, or if you want to wait till she's able to go home and be wire and cord free. I seriously was crying reading this post. I'm so relieved for you guys.

  3. Hey guys, I cried tears of joy when I read the news this morning. I am so happy for you. What a miracle! Lucy is so lucky to have such faithful people surrounding and loving her. I can't wait to meet her!

    Love you guys!


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  5. I can not tell you how happy i am to hear this news, You and Grant are such amazing parents. I have always felt this way and this just shows how much more fabulous you are. We pray at every meal and every morning at night for her. even McKinley is asking for lucy to feel better. We love you and hope for another good day at the hospital as she continues to grow stronger.

  6. Many of the staff members at Reynods Middle School where I work have been praying for Lucy. My students have told me they are praying for her, too -- in Spanish, Russian, and English! Many were excited to see the photos.

    I'm reminded of the miracle when Grant survived a hit and run accident when he was 10. The doctors told me less than 3% ever fully recover -- yet he did. Who says miracles don't exist? Grant and Lucy are proof that they do. Gretchen, you are the BEST! All will be well.

  7. Oh, she looks so beautiful in the new pictures!! I can't wait to get some real shots of her without all the "stuff"!

  8. I'm SOOO Happy to hear of her progress! My girls ask me every morning and evening how she is doing. We all cried when we saw the pictures! She is a beautiful (and STRONG) baby! Keep fighting Lucy! We are praying for you and the family! My favorite is listening to little Caleb's prayers- he's 2. He says "Thanks for this day, Please bless baby Lucy to feel better." And that's about it! Not thanks for the food or anything! LOL
    You are an amazing woman Gretchen and I'm so glad to know you and your family!