Lucy - TM Custom Portraits

Lucy - TM Custom Portraits

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home on Monday night

So Lucy did come home Monday evening.........and it has felt as though that is when she was born. She is 3 weeks and a couple days old but it feels like she is 3 months.

On Monday Grant and I each went to an infant CPR class. The last time I had infant CPR class it was 2 breaths and 5 chest compressions. Things have changed FYI... it is 2 breaths and 30 chest compressions. Before and between all the CPR training we had a bunch of instruction, hunting down a compound pharmacy to make her medication in liquid form which we had to have of course to take her home. We also had to have a pediatrician with an appointment for this week before we left.

They took all the monitor leads off Lucy a couple hours before we left. That felt weird. Lucy continues to be someone that causes me to be in constant prayer. One because I am so thankful for the miracle of her life and her present health and I feel very inadequate or that "Thank You" is just nothing compared to the blessings we have been given. On the other hand the only thing that feels safe bringing her home is to sit and stare at her at all times watching her breaths and her neck to see if her blood is pumping too fast through her jugular vein. This is definitely unrealistic especially given her two older brothers. So I am praying when I lay her down for naps and night that she will keep breathing and be kept safe while I am somewhere else in the house.

She did have her appt. with Dr. Olivia Jones, her pediatrician on Wed. afternoon and she had already gained a couple of ounces! We have a follow this Wednesday to see if she is gaining enough. Pressure is on! I told Dr. Baker at the NICU that she is better fed than our other three as new borns. He laughed and admitted that in the NICU they are made fun of with feedings because it is all a mathematical calculation because they have to have people grow around there. If you don't suck it we stuff it!

When we arrived home Grant Jr. was beside himself with excitement. He had never met Lucy yet but he knew she was not in my tummy anymore and that Dad and I were visiting her at the Dr. all the time. Grant was carrying the car seat and Grant Jr. was pulling on the strap that tightens to bring her down to where he could see her. He calls her Woosie (cannot say the "L") yet.

She is sleeping in her bassinet in our room and she is already very noisy. Grant says it sounds like we have a little prairie dog or some other type of rodent scratching and snorting around over in her bassinet.


  1. Oh, dear sweet Lucy, you are so beautiful! We are all so happy that you are home with your amazing mom and dad and your excited siblings. May you heal and grow and smile more each day surrounded by Divine Love. We are still praying for you with much gratitude for how far you have journeyed, and with faith for all the good that is to come. Blessings on you all.
    Meladee, Joel, Colin and Rory

  2. Yahoo I am so happy for you guys. I returned to work and was so happy to not see lil Lucy there. So happy. Prayers are answered. Keep in touch. You are a darling family. You can email me off of here tell Tanya hi for me. Great work guys.


  3. Gretchen and Grant, My name is Jill and I was the nurse from the NICU that cared for Lucy while she was at Salmon Creek Hospital. I have been following Lucy's progress as I could. I wanted you to know that I am so very happy for you and your family. Before coming to Salmon Creek I worked at ECH, and have been helping to take care of our NICU babies for almost 28 years. I am truly in awe of your baby's recovery. I would love to be able to talk with you more sometime if you are interested and have the time. You are welcome to contact me via email @ DamonandJill@comcast.netl

  4. Why are babies so loud anyways? Your baby is growing up So Fast!