Lucy - TM Custom Portraits

Lucy - TM Custom Portraits

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Student

Yesterday Lucy made it to 75% of her feedings on her own! Dr. Baker took the feeding tube out in the afternoon and let her start to go at her own pace for feeding. She just can't sleep longer than 4 hrs. So far yesterday afternoon, through the night and today she has had to be woken up at the 4 hr. mark but then she is very ready to eat and she has often been eating past her feeding goals.

She also had a special visit from Dr. Elise Hewitt yesterday afternoon. She is the pediatric chiropractor that helped Grant Jr. as a new born with nursing and continues to see all 3 of the other children on a maintenance basis. She did some cranial sacral work on Lucy yesterday. Her forehead was jammed back, which also put the sphenoid bone out of place (which is behind the forehead) as well as her head was stuck back. This was most likely all due to her facing forward for most of labor until she was turned to come out. All of these little adjustments have already improved her suck tremendously. A bottle that normally was taking her about 40 minutes to finish she was able to down in 15 minutes earlier today.

This afternoon she had the car seat challenge. She had to sit in the car seat for 90 minutes and they had to make sure that her respirations, heart rate and oxygen all stayed within her normal parameters. She passed.

Dr. Baker said it looks like she will probably be able to come home tomorrow afternoon. She did drop a few grams last night and he wants to see her gaining but he said since she is eating so well he doesn't think it is to be worried about. She has another ultrasound on her heart sometime tomorrow morning and then Grant and I are supposed to take an infant CPR class tomorrow as well.

We are ready to get going on the new will be nice to have our family all under the same roof again.

I have realized this is a great way to make a baby book so I plan on keeping up the blog although we will probably not be updating quite as frequently. Since there are several Dr.'s interested in knowing how she is doing at milestone check points we will probably be paying more attention to those than we have with the other children and those are all things I will be keeping a record of.

We were given all her prescriptions, have to fill them today and hope that we have the winning combination!!

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  1. So glad to hear the great news! She is super cute, I love the picture of Grant holding her while she is asleep.

  2. Great news that she's going home! So happy to hear that!

  3. Defintely keep up the blog! Every few days my students want to see the latest photos. I have co-workers who check it every single day! Lucy has inspired so many during her short little life. But Gretchen, so have you with this wonderfully detailed report. It is a joy to read. I realize it takes time, but it uplifts and encourages many, many people. Definitely keep it up, at least for a while. Grant, your father would be so proud of you for your dedication, determination and gentle tenderness with your daughter.

    Let me know when I can come see Lucy. This Grammy's arms are dying to hold that little sweetheart -- and hug Alice, Gabe, and Grant Jr.!

  4. I hope you are all safe at home now! Just give me a call when you are ready for a photo shoot and I'll be there!

  5. Hey SIS. What a journey its been for all in such a short time. So happy your starting a new chapter. Have so many thoughts and feelings. Would love to talk soon. Love you guys.

  6. the last comment was Port. It's Liz this time. Just wanted to say congrats, Lucy!! So excited she gets to go home and be with all of her family. We'll be praying for you guys, still. Love you.