Lucy - TM Custom Portraits

Lucy - TM Custom Portraits

Monday, April 18, 2011

Home for 2 months

We are having so much fun with Lucy. When she first came home Grant Jr. would talk to her in a voice that sounded like he was in pain and he would always come up and say "Hi Woosie are you ok?" Since then he has been able to pronounce her "L" and has gone from calling her Lucy to Luc (pronounced loose), now he calls her Lucy Belle. He has appointed himself the official lint extractor from Lucy's fists and between the toes.

Towards the end of march Lucy had a follow up appt. with the neurologist who saw her in the hospital. She was impressed with Lucy's abilities at that point. Towards the end of the appointment she decided to listen to her heart again because her skin was looking a little purple. When she checked her heart she was in SVT. A few other nurses came in to verify and brought a bag of ice water. For the first time the cold shock to her face brought her out of the tachicardia. They still wanted me to take her down the ER to get her oxygen monitored. We ended up being in the ER for 3 1/2 hrs. When we came in the Dr., Dr. Dean said "so this is Lucy, I have heard about you and they told me what to look out for, I hear this is the miracle girl.!!" Lucy just took a nap on monitors that afternoon.

On March 31st we visited Dr. Cheng, the cardiologist for her follow up. He did an ultra sound of her heart. Everything is back down to normal size and is functioning normally. Unless she has another SVT we just have to bring her back at 1 year and keep her medication up until that time.

Lucy is smiling with her eyes open. So cute.

A couple weeks ago we went down the street to the fire dept. to see Colby, the paramedic who took the call on her birthday. I went down there with all four children and while I visited with Colby and showed him the new and improved Lucy another fire fighter took Grant and Gabe on a high speed tour of the whole fire station with extra attention on the fire truck part. We were there for about an hour and they actually received a call while we were standing there talking. Their alarms and lights started sounding in the station and we told everyone to get right into the car quickly and the fire fighters and Colby got ready and into the engine very quickly. Gabe was very scared with all the lights, sounds and rushing around. He told me later that he thought we were going to have to go and fight the fire with them.

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  1. Your stories are precious. I am so happy to see that Lucy is doing so well. I work with Loni Schmid (in a way -- she's participating in a grant offered through my university) and she let me know what was going on with the family. I'm following your blog now so that I can remember to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings to you.